Best DSLR Camera Under 30000 Rs in India | Top DSLR Cameras Under 30K 2021

Best DSLR Camera Under 30000 Rupees India 2021 | Digital SLR Cameras for Beginners

Okay, I suppose you’re on your travel mode and shall begin your travel page on Instagram and a YouTube channel, however still don’t wish to pay too huge on a high-end DSLR? Or are you simply a trio-creative person or wish to click photos as a hobby? Despite your wants, if you’re trying to find a DSLR at a low value, this can be the place. Below we’ll tell you everything you wish to urge the simplest DSLR camera below 30000. From the complete, model, to the foremost options, it’s a requirement for you.

#1: Canon EOS 1500D 24.1 Digital SLR Camera (Black) 16GB Card | Buy Now

Canon EOS 1500D 24.1: If there is a camera, you cannot go wrong within this price range. It is the Canon EOS 1500D. You want to shoot day, night, need to zoom, shoot high-quality video without shock, etc. There is nothing this camera can’t do (the best beginner can be anyone).

  • Sensor: APS-C CMOS sensing element with twenty-four.1 MP (high resolution for big print and image cropping)
  • ISO: 100-6400 Sensitivity vary (important for getting granulose pictures, particularly in low light)
  • Image Processor: DIGIC 4+ with 9 optical device points (important for speed and accuracy of the optical device and burst photography)
  • Video resolution: Full HD video with full manual management and selectable frame rates (great for correct and high-quality video work)
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, NFC, and Bluetooth inbuilt (useful for remotely dominant your camera and transfer photos wirelessly as shortly as you shoot)
  • Lens Mount: EF-S Mount All EF and EF-S lenses (Crop-sensor mount versatile and compact, particularly once used with EF-S lenses)

Best DSLR Camera Under 30000 India 2021



All camera users, even beginners, can capture wonderful pictures and films with this DSLR camera with a twenty-four.1-megapixel APS-C-size CMOS sensing element Associate in optical finder for an authentic DSLR shooting expertise. It’s equipped with Capturing sharp pictures is to the sturdy, correct AF and huge grip that gives a firm, stable grip on the camera. Constitutional Wi-Fi / NFC property allows seamless uploading of photos and videos on social media.

Canon has an ISO of 100–6400, which suggests you get clear photos on a bright sunny day or perhaps at nighttime. If needed, you’ll conjointly increase it to 12800. And you do not need to worry about the noise degrading your pictures because the camera is supplied with an APS-C CMOS sensing element and DIGIC 4+ image processor. Therefore what do these fancy words do? Straightforward, these assist you to sufficient potential output in any lighting condition. This is often then processed by the DIGIC 4+ image processor, supplying you with a color modification that leaves the viewer in awe of your pictures. I am pretty positive the subsequent question on your mind is what number megapixels are it? Well, just like the D3400, it’ll offer you elaborate video and pictures with a 24MP lens.

I’m pretty positive the subsequent question on your mind is what number megapixels are it? Well, just like the D3400, it’ll offer you elaborate video and pictures with a 24MP lens.

Also, would one ever like you may click those photos with a blurred background? Well, because of the big sensing element, making certain that the all-important depth of field is currently a cakewalk. The 9-point optical device isn’t pretty much as good because the D3400, however it positive will an excellent job transportation those special moments on the double. A 3-second continuous shooting speed conjointly plays. All videos square measure shot in full-HD, whereas image stabilization takes care of any instability or blurring which will occur because of the camera’s fast movement.

And if you’re a social media birdie, uploading photos to your followers and fans may be done directly from your smartphone. Try the camera with mobile exploitation Wi-Fi and also the Connect Camera app. however what A-one it is that you just also can use the appliance to click pictures (so nobody, particularly you, has ever survived a singular cluster selfie again).

Likewise, you’ll provide a print command, transfer files over an on-the-spot association to a different camera, or perhaps read your image on your massive HD TV with Connect Station a hundred. As for all shooting, you’ll either prefer the finder or address Live Mode, which provides you all the show on the 3″ liquid crystal display screen.

And there square measure 5 filters to assist you set the proper tone and mood for every image. What is more, since pictures may behold on in RAW format, you have got each management you would like post-processing. Lastly, it’s conjointly comparatively light-weight and compact because it weighs simply 476g and comes with a rough texture, and makes it anti-slip.

Pros & Cons

  • It has a decent ISO vary of 100-6400 and might be redoubled to 12800 if required.
  • The DIGIC 4+ image processor keeps out noise even at high ISO for clear pictures.
  • Large APS-C CMOS sensing element helps accomplish a decent depth of field for blurred backgrounds.
  • The 24MP lens captures details well
  • 9-point focus and 3S continuous shooting speed is great
  • Image stabilization prevents videos from changing into unstable
  • All videos area unit shot in full-HD
  • It is connected to mobile mistreatment Wi-Fi or NFC
  • With the Camera Connect app, you’ll be able to additionally click photos with mobile for a gaggle selfie
  • Once connected, you’ll be able to additionally set the print command or transfer files to different cameras.
  • Or even connect it to your TV with Connect Station CS100
  • You can additionally get a live read on a three” LCD screen rather than a finder
  • The RAW format makes post-processing additional elaborated and easier
  • It is light-weight for straightforward carrying
  • Rugged texture prevents any slippery and falling
  • Lens kits aren’t fitted to any skilled work
  • It has lower optical device points, ISO range, and continuous shooting speed than the

Canon EOS 1500D (Black) EF S18-55 is II Lens 16GB Camera Information


#2: Canon PowerShot SX540HS 20.3MP Digital Camera (Black) | Buy Now

Canon has become a complete equivalent word for DSLR, whether or not it’s a budget model or a professional-grade Canon PowerShot SX540HS twenty.3MP camera with 50x Optical Zoom (Black) + Memory Card + Camera Case that is exactly what it represents.

  • Sensor: APS-C CMOS sensing element with twenty.3 MP (high resolution for giant print and image cropping)
  • ISO: 80-3200 Sensitivity varies (necessary for getting sandy pictures, particularly in low light)
  • Image Processor: DIGIC half-dozen with one optical device digit (significant for speed and accuracy of the optical device and burst photography)
  • Video resolution: HD video with full manual controls and selectable frame rates
  • Connectivity: local area network, NFC, and Bluetooth intrinsically (useful for remotely dominant your camera and transferring photos wirelessly as you shoot)
  • Lens Mount: EF-S Mount All EF and EF-S lenses (Crop-sensor mount versatile and compact, primarily once used with EF-S lenses)

Characterized by its long-wide zoom, the Canon Powers hot SX540 HS camera additionally edges from the inclusion of a twenty.3MP high-sensitivity CMOS sensing element and DIGIC half-dozen image processor to understand exceptional image quality, with ISO 3200 and sensitivity constant for five.9 FPS shooting, furthermore because the ability to record full HD 1080p video at sixty FPS.

The 50x optical camera lens covers a 24–1200mm equivalent distance vary, with a camera lens super-telephoto approach associated with an Intelligent IS image stabilization system that minimizes the presence of camera shake throughout the Shooting of photos and films. Supports vary.

Balancing this extended reach, associate engineering body style options a bigger grip for more stability, furthermore as a three.0-inch 461k-dot digital display for reviewing imaging and photos, and movies. Also, the intrinsically Wi-Fi with NFC permits you to wirelessly share your pictures directly from a coupled smartphone or pill.

Best Canon DSLR Camera Under 30000 India 2021



The camera is custom-made with the most ISO of 3200 for low-light photography. Less, but yes, because of the DIGIC half-dozen image processor, and it worked with very little noise. Remember that it comes with 50x zoom and 100x zoom and so that you’ll be able to capture those distant objects once not on some high-end DSLRs (just the type of factor a person desires to hear).

Like different Canon cameras, it additionally connects to your mobile, supplying you with the liberty to share your journey and stories along with your social media followers at each click. If you discover yourself taking selfies with the locals, place the camera and shoot button through your mobile. The videos you shoot are in full-HD, and therefore the sensible Image Stabilization System helps keep them shake-free. Auto-focus makes the camera corking once shooting those fast shots wherever you’ve got a flash to beautify.

And just in case you are indifferent and want to move down memory lane, the Story Highlights mode is precisely what you need. This is because it makes a 2-3 minute short story from the in-built music library with all the images, videos, short-clips, etc., of your choice (like any best friend should). The ergonomically designed body is easy to hold, and just as an assurance, Canon never wants to keep you with wet or slippery hands.

It is also lighter at just 440g, and with a carry bag, it will be relatively easy to move around with this camera as you hustle. Don’t forget; the carry bag also keeps the camera safe and dust-free.

Canon PowerShot SX540HS 20.3MP Digital Camera Information

Pros & Cons

  • The cheapest DSLR you’ll be able to notice within the market and is priced at Rs. is a smaller amount than. 20,00020MP gets an honest quantity of detail
  • The camera is appropriate for any beginner creative person or vlogger
  • Autofocus is fast and helps to capture pictures (rather moments) quickly
  • It comes with 50x zoom and 100x zoom and to capture distant details with quality
  • Low lightweight photography is good with ISO 3200 ISO
  • Noise at high ISO is DIGIC half-dozen image processor
  • This processor helps in capturing higher colors and distinction
  • Videos square measure captured in full-HD
  • Image stabilization is then shake-free
  • It comes with a rugged style for a higher grip.
  • Its lightweight build makes it straightforward to
  • Carry bag protects the lens or body from dirt and injury
  • Image and video quality is average compared to others
  • Low lightweight photography may are even higher with the next ISO vary
  • A 24MP would have helped capture quite 20MP detail

#3: Canon PowerShot SX620HS 20.2MP Digital Camera | Buy Now

  • Powerful 25x optical zoom with Intelligent IS helps optimize image stabilization for just about shake-free pictures
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and NFC permits simple sharing and transfer of pictures and videos
  • 2 megapixel CMOS sensing element with DIGIC 4+ image processor helps to supply gorgeous image quality even in low lightweight
  • Spectacular 1080p Full HD Video Capture
  • The giant three.0-inch (about 922,000 dots) alphanumeric display permits simple viewing even from wide angles.

Best Canon PowerShot SX620HS 20.2MP Digital Camera



Whether you take a vacation, celebrating a personal family occasion, or just having some fun days, the slim and sleek Power Shot SX620 HS camera is prepared for your next shot. Relish the flexibility of a strong 25x (25-625 mm) optical zoom for specific close to and several subjects. Equipped with Intelligent IS for optimized image stabilization, it with confidence helps capture everything from lovely close-ups to distant targets. You’ll then display your photos with intrinsically Wi-Fi and NFC, permitting you to transfer them to your compatible devices and transfer them to pick out social networking sites for your family, friends, and also the world to envision.

The gorgeous image quality comes via a twenty.2 megapixel CMOS sensing element and a DIGIC 4+ image processor for lovely shots whether or not you are picnicking throughout the day or habitation at nighttime. If videos area unit a lot of your issue, be assured that they’re going to deliver beautiful details with 1080p Full HD video at your fingertips. With the Power Shot SX620 HS camera, you’ll relax knowing however way you’ll hold subjects.

Canon PowerShot SX620HS 20.2MP Digital Camera Information

Brand Canon
Model Name PowerShot
Shooting Modes Landscape
Colour Black
Lens Type Wide Angle

Simply put, this is often an essential DSLR that any starter vlogger or artist ought to hold? Initial of all, it’s low-cost, and second, it offers associate degree output that may affect anyone considering the low value vary.

The Conclusion

Buying a camera is not particularly easy for newbies, because to tell the truth, many budget cameras are not available. We did the digging and took out the five best DSLR cameras under 30,000, so you never get a bad picture again.

If you require any further assistance or missed something, please join us anytime by commenting below.

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